Is bubblegum casting legitimate

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Is bubblegum casting legit

As a new girl in town, I was totally clueless when it comes to making an informed choice about casting agency which will help me get into the modeling business-and this was the reason why I came to the city in the first place, to become a successful model. I have had few shoots back at home, but modeling in the big city is not really like being a model back home.
Good news: agency who has time to get in touch with everybody!
Luckily for me, one of my new friends told me about bubblegum casting agency. So, I called them and was really surprised because they have really nice and polite staff. It is not like agency people are always busy and don’t have time to talk to you-these people really take time to answer your every question and get into the conversation with you about every detail and possible modeling opportunity. So, here I was, after just one detailed talk with one of the professional staff members from Bubblegum, I got the deal for an initial photo shoot.
All the details about the photo shoot
Shooting with Bubblegum’s friendly photographer went as smoothly as possible. They always take care to assign models a photographer who is of similar age, which is really a great idea, as this helps create an easier connection between a model and a photographer. This is really important because then you can relax and actually enjoy the shoot, instead of being all tense, which is not good for photos. In order to get great modeling photos, it is not just about a great location, it is also about a relaxed working environment in general, and chatting with someone your age is really easy and enjoyable, because you really have a lot in common.Our easy-going chat along the shooting made me feel comfortable, and this probably was one of the most important reasons why the photos turned out great! And let’s not forget another great thing-Bubblegum paid me before work started, so I was completely careless about this shoot and it the end it really made a difference and assured complete success.

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